Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Angle cat 😇

 It was a bright sun shinned day, with heat I've never felt before. Suddenly a fireman arrived at a small house, and walked in.It's thick with smock and he culdent see far I front of him. he saw the kitten. It looked lifeless. 

He picked up the cat gently so it had support ,and rushed it out side out side with the cat. He places it straight on the ground. 

He delicately puts a breathing mask on the cat and gives it some water and suddenly the cat woke up. Everybody cheered and clapped.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Straight after Max drank from it, he kicked a ball across the new playground.

Polite - I am a polite young teenager  because I'm friendly to people and treat people with respect. I'm polite because my parents taught me to use my manners by saying yes, please and thank you. If i worked for you i would listen to you when you speaking and open the for you.

Sociable- I'm sociable because I love going on adventures with my friends, and love trying new sports.
Happy- I am happy because I'm not bothered what I do, and always bubbley and smiley

Kind - I am kind because I let others go first, and I don't just think about my self.
Organised- I am organised because I always get my  uniform ready for school, and always ready for 

My goal is to use a range punctuation (,!') correctly 

My goal is to make my sentence more interesting by adding more detail.